Panasonic UD-716

Panasonic’s JD-716A0L TLD Reader offers automatic reading of UD-800Series badges with advanced features and convenience.

Panasonic UD-716AGL TLD Reader

Automatically reads the “UD-800Series” of TLD badges.

The Panasonic compact automatic TLD reader provides a cost-effective solution for small to medium dosimetry services or serves as a backup to the larger UD-7900M reader.

It’s advanced optical heating system and design means that it can be conveniently situated in most office or laboratory environments as gas supplies and annealing ovens are not required.

One-touch operation with advanced self-checking functions means minimal operational training is required. Both the photon counting method (puise counting) for small signals and the current integration method for large signals are employed to precisely detect the thermo luminescence throughout a wide range from low doses to high doses.

The reader is equipped with self-checking functions for the optical path, sensitivity of PM tube, heating stability, etc. It also performs automatic functions such as annealing of the TL badges for repeat use, optical reading of the ID code, and sensitivity adjustment corred- Ton ay the built-in reference light source.


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