Panasonic UD-794

Panasonic’s UD-794 Chemiluminescent Dosimeter irradiator ensures precise dosimeter irradiation with safety features and batch capabilities.

Panasonic UD-794 Computerized TLD lrradiator

The Model UD-794 Chemiluminescent Dosimeter (TLD) irradiator is a system designed to irradiate dosimeters. The irradiator consists of a Gamma radiation source, shielding material, a channel inside the shield in which to position and irradiate the dosimeter, a mechanism by which to move the dosimeter from its tray, an attenuator, a control panel, and safety interlocks. All components are inside a self-contained unit, constructed of sheet metal panels for safety.

The source used in the device meets special form encapsulation criteria and is permanently mounted inside a shield that completely surrounds the source. An attenuator allows for delivery of a low or high dose rate to the dosimeter. The dosimeter channel runs through the shield, allowing exposure to occur. A motor-driven lift mechanism moves the dosimeter into and out of the shield, up the channel. The control panel, integrated with the system computer, shows system status. With the built in Auto-changer which can accommodate 10 magazines of 50 TL Badges each, batch irradiation of 500 badges is possible.

Panarad Specification:

Computer Control
External Dose
Operating Temperature
Operating Humidity
Power Requirements
Power Consumption
UD-794 Dimension
UD-794 Weight
Badge Capacity
Cycle Time

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