Panasonic UD-7900

Panasonic’s UD-7900 Reader ensures precise, high-speed reading of UD-800 Series TL Badges with reliability and efficiency.

Panasonic UD-7900 Computerized TLD Reader

The UD-7900 Reader automatically reads all “UD-800 Series” TL Badges with high reproducibility and precision. Using the non contact optical heating method, the reader can measure a large number of TL badges at high speed with reliability. Both the photon counting method (pulse-counting) for small signals and the current integration method for large signals are employed to precisely detect the thermolumine-scence throughout a wide range from low to high doses.

The reader is equipped with self-checking functions for the optical path, sensitivity of PM tube, heating stabilty etc. It also performs automatic functions such as annealing of the TL badges for repeat use, optical reading of the ID code, and sensitivity adjustment correction by the built-in reference light source.

Pre-heating, annealing, and ID code optical reading are also incorporated


Applicable TL Badge
Heating Method
Measuring Range
Measuring Time
TL Badge Loading
Weight and Dimensions

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