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Radiation Dosimetry Equipment and Supply

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TLD Equipment Sales

For more than 30 years, Proxdose, has been a leading provider of personnel radiation monitoring, and technical services. Proxdose specializes in the Panasonic® and Harshaw® Equipment Platforms

Proxdose Equipment Solutions

Proxdose provides a complete line of solutions for Panasonic® processors and users. Our diverse offerings include readers, dosimeters, and hangers to help laboratories reduce cost and maintain their operations.

Our program provides a comprehensive package including hardware, ProXdos software (new), and maintenance services. All of our products and services can be used by dosimetry laboratories utilizing the Panasonic® platforms.

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PANASONIC UD-802 Thermoluminescent Dosimeters (TLDs) are unsurpassed in accuracy and ease of use. Combined with the innovative design of our proprietary ProXdos lightweight, waterproof enclosure, our TLDs offer the most cost-effective dosimetry available.

FeaturesCommon Applications
Sensitivity Range of 1 mrem-1000 rem (.01 mSv-10 Sv) Medical Professionals
Responds in Beta, Gamma, X-Ray, Neutron, and mixed radiation fields Nuclear Power Plants
Water and tamper resistant Universities
Environmentally-friendly recycled plastic badge hangers Military

Extremity Dosimetry

The ProxRing is a single-element extremity ring (natural lithium borate element) using the PANASONIC UD807 TLD. The TLD is usable to monitor extremity dose (hands and arms) in beta, gamma, and x-ray radiation fields.

The two-piece plastic ring enclosure can be cold-sterilized, and is available in three sizes to comfortably fit any individual. The ring’s edges are smoothed for comfort and to reduce the risk of tearing surgical gloves. It comes printed with the user’s name, wear period, account code and the element serial number.

FeaturesCommon Applications
Will not tear surgical gloves Surgical procedures (monitoring dose to hands)
Can be cold-sterilized Radioactive machine/system work
Easy to read, permanently-printed label, & color coded 3 convenient sizes (s,m,l) Laboratories & non-destructive testing


Our environmental PANASONIC UD814 TLD is used to monitor low-gamma radiation, and can stand up to the most abusive weather conditions. Can be used for perimeter measurements, site characterization studies, and to monitor exposure to the public.

FeaturesCommon Applications
Outdoor usage Nuclear Power Plants
Capable of measuring very low radia on (3 calcium sulfate ele- ments) Factory Industries


Sensor responds to gamma/X-ray (energy higher than 30 KeV) and high energy (e.g., above 1 MeV) electrons/beta par cles. Color development of the sensor is essen ally independent of dose rate.

FeaturesCommon Applications
Instant, Easy Read First Responders (firefighters, police volunteers, EMT, doctors)
Portable Security


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Our Mission

Proxtronics Dosimetry, LLC strives to be recognized as a high-quality cost-effective products and services provider. We are committed to providing the best and most affordable possible solution to our clients in an efficient and timely manner.

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