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Proxdose Complete Solution Package

Equipment Installation, Configuration and Support

"Proxdose provides a complete line of solutions for radiation monitoring equipment and services including: passive dosimeters, holders, and accessories, dosimetry processing equipment, and software. Proxdose offers Dosimetry Products via its proprietary ProXdos brand, as well as Panasonic® products."

What we do


Radiation Dosimetry Services

The type of dosimeter Proxdose uses is called a ThermoLumiscence Dosimeter, or TLD. See Detail...

Equipment and Supplies

Prox provides dosimetry equipment, hardware, software, and operator training. See Detail...

Maintenance & Repair Services

Proxdose provides maintenance, calibration, and repair, as well as other services. See Detail...

Complete Solution Package

Proxdose provides a complete line of radiation monitoring complete turnkey solutions See Detail...

Various Applications

Proxdose Radiation Dosimetry Services provides personal, environmental, and area monitoring dosimetry services to determine occupational exposure to ionizing radiation. Through the use of state of the art dosimetry technology, Proxdose provides reliable results and helps maintain our customers’ safety.

Proxdose focuses on broad network of diverse clients from a variety of sectors. We serve the energy, environmental , healthcare, security, and commercial sector by providing radiation monitoring services for to ensure occupational safety, risk mitigation, and provide quality assurance.



85 South Bragg Street Ste. 503
Alexandria, VA 22132
Phone: +1.703.972.2660

Our Mission

Proxtronics Dosimetry, LLC strives to be recognized as a high-quality cost-effective products and services provider. We are committed to providing the best and most affordable possible solution to our clients in an efficient and timely manner.

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